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Technical Innovation Award at UMAKIT with BSG Auto Parts!

Bursa Uludağ University Machinery Group (UMAKIT) students, once again sponsored by BSG Auto Parts was able to reach the award.

140 teams from 28 countries took place in Shell eco-Marathon Europe 2019 in London and once again Team UMAKİT became Turkey's pride in Technical Innovation Award.

The team became the European champion in the City Concept Hydrogen Powered Vehicle category last year, and this year won the second place in the European Technical Innovation Award.

In addition, UMAKIT team became the 6th most efficient vehicle in Europe with a score of 120 km / m ^ 3 in the efficiency competition within hydrogen powered vehicles.


BSG Auto Parts, Supporting Young Athletes!

BSG Auto Parts sponsored the Topkapı Schools Men's Volleyball Team throughout the year. The team, which managed to qualify for Men's finals has completed the tournament in the second place in which 32 teams from 7 regions competed. 

In 2018-2019 season, the volleyball men's team finished second in the group A competition in which they competed against Yeniköy, ITU and Teşvikiye Sports Clubs in the regional league. In the next season, the team will continue to make moves to improve the quality of the player line-up to get to the 1st league. BSG Auto Parts, is determined to contribute to the society not only by investing in the automotive industry but also supporting the youth in every possible occasion.


BSG Auto Parts Training Seminars 

BSG Auto Parts, which serves its customers with high quality product policy in more than 63 countries, has completed the trainings specially organized for master technicians in Izmir, Uşak and Sarajevo.

The training also provided detailed information about the company’s investments, product range, consumer rights and the correct use of the products.

After the training, BSG brand representatives and technicians have dined together and had pleasant conversations along with souvenir photos.


Technical Innovation Award at UMAKIT with BSG Auto Parts!
UMAKİT, is developing hydrogen-powered cars.İt has participated and beig  part in competitions in international level in recent years representing Turkey.

Shell Eco-Marathon Europe, based on the longest distance to travel with the least energy, was held in London in July. Turkey team who win the European championship competing with 11 competitors in their field made history as the first Turkish team. İnternal hydrogen powered vehicle with 1 cubic meter of hydrogen gas showed the success of 182.6 kilometers and became the most efficient vehicle.

About a year, 13-students of UMAKİT  team who work with intense tempo  for the tools of the vehicle named Barbarossa,and it woth the effort.

UMAKIT in Istanbul; Shell Eco-Marathon which will be held in Kocaeli  Turkey by TÜBİTAKi Efficiency Challenge races will be attended by energy-efficient vehicles. 


Visiting Private Koruncuk Daily Care Center and Sheikh Zayed Orphans's House.

Taking in consideration the happiness of the children, the daily-care centers established for the purpose of educating the country's children, they are always in need of care and kind.

Being aware of social responsibility, BSG Auto Parts has respond by taking the lists of needs from the Center and supplied with all needs. BSG Auto Parts visited the private Koruncuk Daily Care Center and Sheikh Zayed Orphan's House Site and conveyed the gifts.


BSG Auto Parts at Istanbul Corporate Games!

BSG Auto Parts football team participated in the football tournament in Istanbul Corporate Games, which was organized by inter-company sports competitions, our team faced with strong opponents.