Human Resources

Applying for Your Position: General Application


Name - Surname
Place of Birth Date of Birth
Phone number Mobile Phone
Passport Number
Name of person to call in case of Emergency Phone number
Continuous residence address
Gender Male Female
Your Nationality TC Other
Your Father's Name And Surname Profession
Your marital status Married Single Engaged Divorced
Your wife's Name And Surname Number Of Children
Your wife's Profession Works
Your house Yourself Your family Rent     Rent Cost
The number of employed persons in your family Father Mother Wife Children    Total
Those That Are Dependents No Yes     Who ?
Military Status Did Didnt Deferred I am not liable
Date Of Military Service Discharge Place
Do you have a driver's license? Yes No     Class
You Can Use The Construction Equipment / Office Equipment
Do you have a car? Yes No    
Do you smoke? Other habits do you have? Yes No    
Do you have convictions about the lawsuit? No Yes     Description
Do you have to travel? No Yes     Description


Blood Group
If you have problems please choose your body Hands Feet Eyes Ears     Other
If you have problems please describe your body
Serious illness and surgery have you had? No Yes    
To prevent movement of your physical body, apology or discomfort do you have? No Yes    


You are a member of the professional / social associations / clubs
Special interests/hobbies


Your field of expertise / hand skills
What are the things you can do in our company?
Which jobs you can do in our company?


  School Name Class Place Finish Date The Degree Of Finish
Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Higher Education

Knowledge of foreign language

  Speech Understanding Write
Foreign Language Very Good Good Middle Weak Very Good Good Middle Weak Very Good Good Middle Weak


Computer programs/languages
You attended seminars/courses and times
The certificates that you have
Groups your car

Work experience (starting from the last place worked to fill in)

The Title Of The Employer The years of work Your Task Last Monthly Fee Reason For Separation Company Phone


Name Surname Task/Title and Address How Many Years Knows You Phone Number
What are your reasons for using our company?
Do you work shifts when necessary? Yes No
Can you make work overtime when necessary? Yes No
Compulsory service do you have? Yes No     Time
When you can start work?
While you are planning to work
Desired net monthly salary
Your picture Picture Download